8 juli 2006

Pocket Revolution

Geplukt van Pocket Revolution - The unauthorized and controversial blog that strips dEUS naked:

"The Belgian blogosphere is filled with posts about 0110. I'm not gonna translate everything, but here's an overview: Aaiboek, Webpalet, Clubcircuit, Michel Vuijlsteke (+/-), Gypsy Eyes, The Plan, One Down, Three to go, The Shelter Tapes, Kevin Major, I Wish, Luisterblog, Nathan, Offerandum Records, De Rode Bietjes, Pietel, Brigand, Blitzkrieg.noise (also about the open letter), Instant Stuff, 14k, Volume 12, Antwerpen Blogt, Muggenbeet, Yet Another Blog, Ladyslave Bobsled, Luidspreker, Tom Bogman, Hotblog, Dominiek, Jeroen Sleurs, Bart Cabanier."

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